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Google Drive WordPress Backup Plugin Error:redirect_uri_mismatch

I discovered in Franck Scipion’s Blog (Ingresos al cuadrado) a WordPress plug-in to automatize our backups to a Google Drive account. It seemed a very useful idea and as far as I trust Franck advices a lot, I decided to install it. Right after the initial configuration, an error raised up. It is a very common error, described in many forums, but with no answer. And it is a silly error.

I am not going to explain how to configure the plug-in. In Franck’s post you can read the review and link to the plug-in. I will suppose you have downloaded it and you know how to install and configure. Then, maybe an message like this will be shown up:


Error: redirect_uri_mismatch

The redirect URI in the request: http://xxxxxxx.com.au/wp-admin/admin.php?page=configure_google&action=auth did not match a registered redirect URI

The thing is that after filling up the callback URL (this is there the Google App is going to redirect the users after the API has done its work, Google Drive in this case), Google configures a default access from https, instead of http. If your site has not access through https, Google will not find where to redirect the App to after the actions have been executed and an access error is shown (maybe the error why you are reading this!).

Here you have a screenshot where you can see where to correct the bad URL. Just remove the ‘s’:

Configurar API de Google

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