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Fluxation is a board game based on flux diagrams, which are typical in programming for decads. Although it is based in something quite technical, it is shown in a easy and intuitive way. Adding, substracting and counting are the only needed things to be able to play.

Fluxation - Ejemplos de colocación

Example of chip positioning in Fluxation.

In Fluxation, each player takes and places chips on the board, according to a set of basic rules, so they build an algorithm toghether. This algorithm consists in a serie of steps where there are additions, substactions or changes in the path that must be chosen for the next operations.

Partida real de Fluxation

Ongoing Fluxation match.

The goal is to reach a higher score than your opponent by running the algorithm generated by both players. Depending on how the players play, sometimes it will be better for one of them, and sometimes for the other one. A mix of skill and luck (quite more skill…) will make one of the players the winner at the end.

Elementos de Fluxation

[es]Elementos de Fluxation durante una partida.[/es][en]Fluxation elements during a match.[/en]

The game was designed to be Print & Play so anyone could print it at home, grab a pair of scissors and start playing. A professional edition is on its way, but it is not a shot time project right now.



I will link soon to the resources to play the game. The instructions and the chips will be available for free soon.

Software Versión

Some partners from University of Seville made a Java engine for Fluxation as a project for one of their subjects in the Software Engineering degree. It is far from being a friendly and completly functional software, but they have carefully worked a video where they explain the rules and the mechanics. Unfortunatelly it is only available in Spanish 🙁


It contains some minor typos referring the rules but anyway, its quite complete and the mechanics are very well explained.

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