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I help your company or you, as a professional, to build prototypes from ideas, analyze their usefulness and therefore to have something to show to your customers beyond words. I also help in saving time and resources by the surgical use of software, hardware, paper and pen.

If you have been looking around the blog or somebody recommended my services, you maybe don’t need to take a peek on any project as the one for online image processing correction, the one about thermal analysis, one about navigation assistance or even the one about game design. If you are curious about all the projects I have developed, you can click on the “Portfolio” section on the upper menu.

If you have any project in which I can help or add value, send an e-mail to this address specifying the nature of your proposal, project or technological issue and I will answer ASAP.

Thank you very much for taking me into account.

For programmers:


You have the code for this in Github (yep, I did it) so you can make modifications and share them with all of us. I want all your forks!

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