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Magic is not for magicians

While reading this post by Jordan Moore, I started remembering when I was teaching in the magic workshop at University. It’s funny how, when you surround yourself with peers, is easy to miss the initial target. The example described in the blog about responsive design talks about the same case as for many illusionists who, obsessed with technical complexity and with the number of skills involved in the effect, forget that what matters in the end is the feeling it causes in the viewer.

Designer testing a responsive design.

Designer testing a responsive design.

Design must solve problems and magic must amaze and entertain. Everything else falls in a completely different sack in my opinion. On their final targets, web design is not for designers, the same way as magic is not for magicians.

As long as I am a Spanish illusionist living in Germany, I will show you a vídeo which mixes a little bit of both things (Pit Hartling is a great, great, great German magician) and, by the way, the trick has the same name as one of my Chrome extensions.

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