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Android Apps

In the last years I have developed some custom solutions based on Android. I have also taugh some courses for development teams of customers. I am not an expert in this kind of development, but I can design the whole system where the terminal (tablet or smartphone) acts as an interface for users or customers

I have combined the Android development with webservices based on .NET, PHP, Filemaker or Python, by integrating the software with previous platforms developed by third parties or by my own customers.

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Dani Ramírez

Artesano del conocimiento, del software y los juegos de mesa. También Ex-CEO de una empresa que nunca dio beneficios, Ex-programador a tiempo completo, Ex-estudiante de ingeniería... Knowledge, software and board game craftsman. Also, Ex-CEO-of-a-company-which-never-had-profits, Ex-full-time-programmer, Ex-engineering-student, ...

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