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MCAR was the first prototype of a solution focused on clinical environments, which was the starting point for Surgical Broadcast. It envolved capture, integration and management of data for its use in hospital plants or clinics.

We achieved the making of a capture system and a part of the integration for some of the devices which were available for us thanks to our collaboration inside the GFI.

OCR over digital display

OCR over digital display.

The most relevant aspect in a technological sense was the integration between artificial vision (OCR mainly in the prototype) with data streams, obtained by reverse engineering because of the lack of documentation. We are specially proud of the ability of the system to work in very irregular and poor light conditions.

The concept of this system first emerged in early 2009. Currently it is very common to employ similar systems in hospitals and clinics around the world but, at that time, in southern Spain, it was something completely new and unexpected.

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