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Navigation and telemetry

During my first period as a collaborator in the University of Sevilla I was developing software and documentation for Prof. Phd. Rogelio Palomo in guiding and telemetry related projects for flying devices

On those first stages of work it was needed to expetiment with measurement electronics (low-cost IMUs, for example), which had to communicate with custom software on a PC.

The stack was built with Flightgear, Labview and GIS software (like GPSylon). The communication was made, depending on each scenario, by UDP, serial port or both.

My duties were:

  • Software and model normalization, which were developed before my arrival to the project. Code was inconex, with several different versions and with no clear interfaces.
  • Electronics configuration and learning from zero knowledge. We had inertial and GPS devices, which were integrated on the last stages by Kalman Filters.
  • Defining the bidirectional interfaces between each pair of elements: electronics with simulator, electronics with Labview and flight simulator with Labview.
  • Preparing material for Prof. Palomo so he could use it for his presentations and courses at INTA, with the purpouse of teaching civil and militar crew in advanced aspects related with aircraft navigation and telemetry.

Also, I had some auxiliar tasks assigned as writing a manual of use and flying with Flightgear and some audiovisual materials.

The results after one year of work were presented at SINASA 2008 to representatives of aerospace companies and peers in engineerint, both telecommunications and aviation.

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