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One of the projects in which I worked during my scolarship at the GFI, directed by Phd. Prof. Emilio Gómez González, was this software for thermal image analysis and quantification. This software, prototyped in MATLAB, allowed the user to analyze temperature curves, captured by a low-cost thermal camera, and to apply a registering process with a digital photography in order to find skin zones with increased temperature levels.

Thermal software

Isotermic surfaces and thresholds.

The most attractive features of the project from my point of view were:

  • The use of reverse engineering so the CCD raw data could be accessed without any intervention of the software provided by the manufacturer. Snapshots and data fetching are commanded directly from MATLAB.
  • HTML reports in MATLAB by using a template and macros system of my own.
  • Integration in the registering process with a mix of internal tools from MATLAB and external references codified by me to accelerate the user experience.
  • Time sequence study and statistics. A sequence of images were captured by a timing basis. These images were statistically processed as a function of time where patterns could be studied (cooling, reshaping of patterns …).
Thermal report

Thermal report



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