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SHERWOOD System: say goodbye to board money

Something that pisses me off in a game is paper money. Any money item that I must stock, count, hide, spend… is usually tedious to handle. I understand that, in a economic management game, it is pretty basic to have a depiction of money available but, what happens if your game has an economic side …

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The customer DO knows what he wants

You usually expect that a client is someone looking for your products or services to address some need or desire. So knowing what is needed or desired is a must. It is quite usual to say “the customer doesn’t know what he wants”, as if it would fix the situation. Is this way of thinking something …

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Magic is not for magicians

While reading this post by Jordan Moore, I started remembering when I was teaching in the magic workshop at University. It’s funny how, when you surround yourself with peers, is easy to miss the initial target. The example described in the blog about responsive design talks about the same case as for many illusionists who, obsessed with technical …

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