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SHERWOOD System: say goodbye to board money

Something that pisses me off in a game is paper money. Any money item that I must stock, count, hide, spend… is usually tedious to handle. I understand that, in a economic management game, it is pretty basic to have a depiction of money available but, what happens if your game has an economic side …

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Braintown, the game

They are coming soon! They are lethal! They are intelligent! They are spongy! The cerebronians are on their way here and they know what to do. And what you have todo. Use your brains!

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Fluxation is a board game based on flux diagrams, which are typical in programming for decads. Although it is based in something quite technical, it is shown in a easy and intuitive way. Adding, substracting and counting are the only needed things to be able to play.

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