I help software teams to succeed

tl;dr: Almost 20 years of software development experience focused on team building and quality assurance

Building a team is not easy

  • Developing software nowadays requires a lot of different expertises which means collaborating.
  • This means building teams where each member has different culture, history, knowledge, schedule, life-style, …
  • These teams often require guidance, mentorship and well defined processes and practices to succeed
  • I love helping teams to grow profesionally and succeed as part of a business

Leading with kindness

  • Technology is cool but having a life is cooler.
  • Leading is not about commanding and using the whip; leading is about understanding and sharing the goods and bads.
  • Leading is not about being x10 whatever; leading is about helping others reaching their goals.
  • Leading is not about living for your job; leading is about finding balance.

Contact me

If you need mentorship for your personal development or team building consultancy services for your team, please contact me using the links below or this summarized CV